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Bath Towel Displays: Putting The Finishing Touch On Your Bathroom

When giving your bathroom a new look, one finishing touch you can use to make the space feel warm and inviting is adding plush bath towels. There are many ways to display these towels to create a custom look in your new bath. Here are a few options you might want to consider to add beauty to the room:

Towel Cubes

If you don't have a linen closet, towel cubes can provide the storage space you need while also letting you display your fine bath towels. Look for wooden cubes at your local discount or home goods store, and paint them to match your bathroom's design theme. Once they are painted and dry, you can stack the cubes to fit in your available space. Roll the towels, and then place them in alternating colors in each cube to create a stunning visual effect. You can also accent each cube with an unlit candle or decorative soap.

Wall Racks

You can display all your guest towels on a wall-mounted rack for easy access and a beautiful look. The rack you choose should have shelves in graduated sizes. This lets you display hand towels at the top and bath towels at the bottom. If possible, look for a rack that also has hooks for robes to complete the setup. Place the rack on a wall close to the tub or shower so your guests can quickly grab what they need. You can also achieve this look as a DIY project by painting floating shelves and placing them on the wall.

Towel Bundles

For guest bathrooms, consider creating a hotel-inspired look by bundling towels together in artful designs. If you are handy at folding, you can create a pocket with a bath towel, which can then be hung on a traditional rack. Place carefully folded hand towels and washcloths inside the pocket. You can also skip some of the folding by rolling towels and bundling them together with a bit of decorative ribbon. Place the bundles in a wicker basket on the vanity or near the tub on the floor. Be sure to add a few select toiletries to the basket for a complete guest setup.

Look for bath towels to coordinate with your tile and wall color, and consider several hues so you can switch up the look every so often. You may also want to choose a few embroidered towels to display with your solid-color pieces for a coordinated look.

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