Tips from an Interior Designer

Material Options For Office Cubicles

While some offices favor open concepts, there are lots of advantages to equipping at least part of your work area with cubicles. These enclosures allow lots of employees to work in a fairly small space, which can prevent you from having to choose an office with more square footage. If you're interested in adding a few cubicles to your place of work, visiting an office furniture supplier will present you with several options. While you'll want to think about what cubicle is suitable, you should also evaluate the material choices. Here are three popular cubicle materials.


You can expect to see a large number of office cubicles that are constructed of aluminum. This material is light in weight, which makes it easy to move your cubicles around if you ever feel the need — for example, if you decide to change the layout of the workplace in the future. Aluminum cubicles are frequently available in a variety of colors, which can make it easy to choose a look that suits the overall style of your office. Many of these colors are muted, giving them a professional appearance. For example, you'll likely see several shades of gray.


Although perhaps not as common as aluminum, you can still find wooden cubicles at many office furniture supply stores. This material offers somewhat of a timeless look, and you may feel that it suits the overall look of your office. For example, if you have a wooden conference table, wooden interior doors, and various other wooden elements throughout the space, wooden cubicles can be a good choice. They're often available in various shades of brown, but you may see other colors, too.


There are many cubicles that are made of heavy plastic, which can give them a modern look. This material can often be more affordable than some alternatives, which may be preferable for a business that has a relatively tight budget for office furniture purchases. Plastic cubicles vary in color, and some feature clear plastic sections. For example, the bottom half of one partition might be a solid color, while the top half could be clear plastic — essentially creating a window in the cubicle. This feature can help to offer more of a spacious feel for the employee who occupies the cubicle. View samples of cubicles in these and other materials by visiting an office furniture supply store's website.