Tips from an Interior Designer

Are You Decorating Your Living Room In An Elegant Style?

Are you decorating a brand new living room or are you finally getting to decorate your present living room in the elegant style you have always wanted? Are you comfortable doing your own decorating? Perhaps decorating is a passion for you and you've done a lot of it. On the other hand, maybe you're new at this art and you need to gain a bit of confidence. If that's the case, from doing some homework to working with picture frames, here are some ideas that might help you to decorate your living room in an elegant style.

Doing Your Homework - Whether you are a seasoned decorator or whether you are new at decorating, think of doing some browsing before you begin your living room decorating. For example, think about taking the time to browse through home decorating magazines to get ideas from professional decorators. Also, consider visiting home museums that might inspire you to add touches from long ago. For example, in a home museum, you might see that a rocking chair could add interest to a room. Or, you might fall in love with stained glass windows, inspiring you to add a stained glass hanging light fixture as part of your elegant living room. Think of keeping an accordion file that will hold things like pictures, photographs, and ideas that you want to include in the decorating of your elegant living room. Label the files with words like Lighting, Furniture, Wall Decor, Accent Pieces and Miscellaneous. 

Be Creative - As you look through books, magazines, and even homes, get ideas that will help you to create your own designs. For instance, think of what you can do with picture frames in an elegant living room. A heavy gold frame can be perfect for an unframed painting you have bought, giving the painting a very elegant look. But, take picture frames to a new and creative level. For example, stencil elegant writing on your living room wall and then simply hang a gorgeous frame in front of it, giving the words a perfect state. Consider, for instance, stenciling the words Flowers Are A Gift on the wall and then framing the words with a picture wall frame that has flowers as part of the design. Think about grouping picture frames, too. For example, combine antique photographs of famous cities with the same cities as they are today. Choose different frames that complement each other for the photographs.