Tips from an Interior Designer

Buying A Fixer-Upper? Hire An Interior Designer To Work On The Home Together

While buying a fixer-upper or turnkey home will lead to the same outcome in owning a home, the process in which you go about handling these tasks should happen quite differently. Getting everything your family wants and needs is likely your top priority with a turnkey property while finding excellent value and opportunities for remodeling a home is better with a fixer-upper.

Once you own a fixer-upper and are ready to work on the property, you should get help from an interior designer to plan out all the projects that you take on to enjoy an ideal outcome.


If you are looking to invest in new additions to the property, you will want to think about what features you are getting rid of at the same time. This will help you avoid a situation in which you choose any colors or styles based on the features that will be removed in the near future.

Making sure your purchases for the house and the changes that you invest in mesh with the additions to the fixer-upper is a considerable challenge. You will appreciate an interior designer's ability to stay organized throughout this whole process to avoid any unexpected problems.


When you want to change a feature or two, you may intend on improving its functionality while also altering its appearance. While you can learn about the functionality changes on your own, you should use an interior designer to make sure the appearance changes are actually beneficial.

While you can replace the kitchen backsplash or fresh paint job on the walls, you should wait to follow through with these projects until you plan out almost all the projects in the home.


If the walls in the living room are red, you may not want to buy a green couch because of how much of a contrasting look you can create instantaneously. When you are determined for the color and pattern usage throughout your home to work well together, you should work closely with an interior designer on shopping for furniture to make the right choices for each room.


Going with neutral-looking furniture is a smart choice because it allows you to invest in decorative features in so many other ways. For instance, you can pick up accent pillows for a living room sofa that introduces bright colors and exciting patterns. You can even let an interior designer know that you want to rotate certain decorations in and out depending on the season. This will allow them to pick out an extra set of decorations such as artwork and accent pillows.

Using an interior designer's expertise will help you change and improve your fixer-upper. For additional information, reach out to companies like DESIGN WONDERS BY MARYANN.