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Add Visual Appeal And Functionality With One Of These Types Of Grandfather Clock

Antique decor can go a long way toward improving the look and feel of your home, but the items that you buy don't have to lack functionality. While you may favor the idea of buying antique pieces solely for their appearance, it's ideal if you can also find those that offer some practical benefits. One type of antique item to consider shopping for your home is a grandfather clock. In addition to adding classic style to your home, it also allows you to check the time with ease — something that can be handy when you aren't wearing a watch and your smartphone isn't within reach. Here are three types of antique grandfather clocks to consider buying.

Standard Grandfather Clock

A standard grandfather clock is likely the type that comes to mind when you think about this style of antique clock. It sits on the floor of your home and is generally between 6 and 8 feet tall. It typically has a large face, a long pendulum, and a wooden cabinet. Standard grandfather clocks often have a stylish design, as is the case with many antique items. For example, the top of the clock's cabinet may have curved and pointed accents that are known as a split pediment and a finial. This type of grandfather is also known for its loud bell or gong that rings every hour.

Tabletop Grandfather Clock

A standard grandfather clock can add plenty of visual appeal to your home, but one of its drawbacks is that it takes up floor space. If the room in which you wish to situate the clock is cramped, it may be difficult to rearrange furniture to make room for this large clock. In such a scenario, consider looking for an antique tabletop grandfather clock. As its name suggests, this is a clock that shares many design features with a standard grandfather clock but is designed to sit on a tabletop. Its compact design can make it suitable to place on an end table or on the mantel over your fireplace.

Wall Grandfather Clock

Another type of antique grandfather clock that might catch your eye as you browse at an antique shop is one that mounts to a wall. This type of clock is obviously smaller than a standard grandfather clock but larger than many modern-day wall clocks. It often contains many of the same elements as traditional grandfather clocks, including a wooden cabinet, a pendulum, and a large face. If you're looking for an antique clock that will hang on your wall, this may be a suitable choice.

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