Tips from an Interior Designer

Choosing the Best Loft Ladder for a Residential Home

If your home has a loft, you'll need a ladder (short of building a new staircase, of course). But you can't forget the fact that the ladder will be installed in a residential home, which creates some specific issues. These issues are largely related to how much noise the ladder will make, which can be an important factor in a residential environment. Each type of loft ladder has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum Concertina Ladders

A concertina-style ladder has distinctive pros and cons. They're constructed out of aluminum, which makes them extremely durable, but certain disadvantages are created by this solid construction. Because the ladder unfolds from its housing built into the ceiling, this housing needs to be somewhat bulky and it will take up more space than other types of loft ladders. Additionally, unfolding and climbing this ladder will be fairly noisy. Think about the actual location of your loft entrance within your home. Is it located directly outside a bedroom? Could you easily wake someone up if you were to use the ladder? 

Aluminum Telescopic Ladders

There will be a slight price increase, but you can have a robust aluminum ladder that doesn't take up quite so much space. A telescopic loft ladder extends out from itself, meaning that its housing won't be quite so obtrusive. Noise levels are another consideration, and while extending and retracting the ladder won't create too much noise, climbing the ladder will. So again, if your loft entrance is adjacent to any bedrooms, any form of metal ladder might not be appropriate.

Wooden Folding Ladders

The quietest option in terms of extending and climbing the ladder is a wooden folding loft ladder. It's rather middle of the pack when it comes to how much space its housing requires on your ceiling, but unfolding and using a wooden ladder is going to create the least amount of noise, so you don't necessarily need to worry if anyone is sleeping nearby. A wooden ladder is more likely to complement your home's decor since an aluminum ladder can result in a more industrial look. A wooden ladder will be amongst the more expensive choices, although it can offer more in terms of style and operation.

If you live alone, then the noise created by extending and using a loft ladder is hardly a concern, but when that loft ladder will be located right outside someone's bedroom, you should opt for a model that is unlikely to disrupt anyone's sleep.