Tips from an Interior Designer

Framing Ideas For A Pillar In Your Home

If you enjoy having as many framed pictures on display throughout your home as possible, you may occasionally face challenges in certain areas. A good example is a pillar, which is common in many dwellings. Pillars are tall and narrow, which means that large picture frames won't often fit on them. If you're struggling with how to approach decorating one or more pillars in your home with framed pictures, a visit to a local custom framing studio can provide some clarity. Here are some options that your framing professional may suggest for a pillar.

Vertical-Cropped Picture

One good option for decorating a pillar in your home is to use a vertical-cropped picture and a custom frame that will fit properly on the pillar without hanging off the sides. Your framing professional may encourage you to look at some of your own photos to see which would work well for cropping in this manner. Alternatively, they might recommend that you browse some online stock image libraries to find a suitable image. Once you select the picture, your framer can crop it if necessary, print it, and put together a frame that will suit it.

Several Small Pictures

While a single picture on each side of a pillar can have a significant visual impact, another good option is to use several small pictures to create a collage. It's useful to come up with a theme for the selection of images. For example, you might choose candid photos from a number of family vacations to give a pillar next to your kitchen a fun look. Or, in a den-type room, you might use pictures of you and your family at various sporting events throughout the years. A custom framing professional will likely encourage you to use portrait and landscape pictures for visual interest, and then provide frames that will fit each of your selections. They may even offer some suggestions on how you can creatively position these frames as you hang them.

Connected Pictures

Another fun option is to choose a few pictures that you can use in a connected frame. There are all sorts of frames that fit this description, including some in which there are a series of individual frames that are linked together with rope, ribbon, chain, or another material so that one frame hangs below the next. A connected frame that has five framed pictures inside of it can do a good job of filling a pillar, given its tall and thin shape. Learn more about strategies for adding framed pictures to a pillar by visiting your local framing studio.