Tips from an Interior Designer

A Buying Guide For Window Shades

Windows shades are a very important element in a home, especially when it comes to blocking out the sun. If you're in the market for some new shades and want this investment working out for a long time, use this guide.

Make Sure the Shades Are Well-Built

You want to make sure your window shades are well-built because of what you'll spend on this investment, as well as the frequent opening and closing activity that these shades will be put through each day. Shade quality will be based on several factors including materials and who makes them. 

Some of the more durable shade materials include aluminum, high-density polyethylene, and synthetic cloths. When you're looking for a shade manufacturer, look for one that's made window shades for a long time. That indicates they know what they're doing and have their shade development practices down. Then you can enjoy long-lasting shades that you won't have to repair for years.

Get Measuring Recommendations From a Supplier

Once you find a supplier to buy window shades from, you need to take measurements of your windows to make sure the shades are the perfect size. You don't want to take any chances with this measuring process though, and you won't if you consult with the supplier you're buying from.

Get their advice step-by-step on how to make the correct window measurements. They can show you what tools to use and what areas to focus on, helping you gather the appropriate dimensions that are pivotal for getting shades that fit your windows correctly.

Consider Blackout Shades for Movie Rooms

If you're planning to put shades around an area that's going to be used for watching movies, then you might want to focus on blackout shades in particular. They are made from really thick materials that are dark and stop natural light from coming in.

Thus, you'll have an easy time providing the perfect environment for movie watching. Then once you're finished up with a movie, you can open these blackout shades back up and bring in however much light you want. You'll also find this shade design useful for sleeping in at dawn. 

In terms of aesthetics and practicality, one of the best things you could do to your windows is put shades around them. You just want to be careful about searching the marketplace because you want to make the right selection the first time ideally. 

Talk to a supplier to find window shades for your home.